How R&D-insights lead to new products and
solutions that help solve the big societal challenges
  • Conference April 2 - 4, 2017

  • Amsterdam

Anders AdamA. (Adam) Anders

Anterra Capital
Managing Partner

Adam is the Managing Partner of Anterra Capital, an independent growth capital fund that invests in fast growing companies that transform the way we produce, move and consume food.

The fund is backed by Rabobank, a global leader in food & agriculture financing; and Moonray Investors, the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International. Anterra offers portfolio companies industry-leading food & agriculture knowledge and investment experience, along with access to a strong, combined global network. Adam has over 15 years private equity and venture capital experience. Adam holds an MBA degree from Cambridge University, England and a Bachelors Degree in Law and a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from the University of Adelaide, Australia.